Sunday, September 6, 2009

26 Weeks

Well, I'm 26 weeks pregnant today!! Wonderful place to be. My baby should be around the 2lb range and around 13 inches long now. I feel her flip flopping around in my belly most of the day, but especially in the evenings. Avi loves to kiss my big belly. If I leave the house for some reason, when I come back she kisses the belly first and then kisses me. She cracks me up. I'm feeling a little better at the moment. I'm sure I'll have another pity party soon, but I really think it's just the hormones. Hopefully it will all be better when I have Olivia and can get back to doing things without my body aching so. Kollin just had his seventh birthday. I can't believe my baby is seven. How in the world did that happen. Hunter is four and Avi is almost 17 months. My kids are growing up too fast. I can't keep up with them. Anybody know how to slow down the process without causing any harm? Lol...nah, I know they are ready to grow up, I'm just not ready to get old. If only I could keep them with me forever. I know I can't, but what I wouldn't give just to pause time and keep us all young forever. So scary growing old. I'll be 28 in December. Right about the time Olivia gets here. That is getting awfully close to 30. My poor hunny just had his 30th. He was not thrilled about it, but he's coping pretty well. I told him that I was now married to an old man. Lol....gotta love him. Well, I guess I've rambled enough for one night. Goodnight all!!!