Thursday, December 10, 2009

Olivia Rose

My beautiful girl is here. She entered this world on me and my twin sister's birthday. What a great birthday present. I absolutely adore her. I feel so blessed. I'm def over my pity me stage. I feel as blessed as a human being ever could. I think my hormones were just wonky. I have the best kiddos in the world. Kollin is a loving sweet boy who loves his brother and sisters so much. He loves to act silly (sometimes a little more silly than Mama cares for, but not bad). He loves playing with his brother and sister and cousins. He is just a very good boy. Hunter is my comedian. He loves to make people laugh. He was my grumpy baby. I used to have to beg him to give me loves, but now he gives them freely without me even having to ask. He is absolutely adorable. Avi simply melts the heart of everyone who meets her. Her pretty little smile and the precious way she does...well...everything just makes her so cute. My newest addition has been very mellow so far, which is exactly what I needed. We are actually sucessfully nursing this time and I feel fabulous about it. I do feel a sense of guilt however for not having done so with the others, all this flu crap just gave me a lot more motivation to try and we are actually doing quite well with it. Olivia was my smallest baby so far. Kollin was 8lbs 10ozs, Hunter was 7lbs 4ozs, Avi was 7lbs 1oz, and Olivia weighed in at 6lbs 13ozs. She is beautiful.