Thursday, April 9, 2009

Three more gone!!

Okay so I was gonna update my little weightloss ticker thingy, but I couldn't remember my stinking pin number. How silly is that? I swear I don't even remember making a pin number for it. I would of only used two sets of numbers, which neither worked. Oh well. I have three more lbs gone. To tell you the truth I'd been cheating. Having my Sundrop a lot more often than I should have. I think that because I'm home now I am constantly up and doing something. Making a meal, or cleaning something. I am up all day. Before, when I worked outside of the home, I would sit in my nice little teller chair and I didn't have to get up very much. When I got home I used the fact that I had worked that day as an excuse not to have to get up and do much of anything other than a touch of straightening up and getting something for supper. So I think that I'm just much more active now. At least I hope that is what is doing it. I would love to think that all this housework was helping me hang on to some of my other bad habits and still lose weight....of course it could just be a quirk and I may be kidding myself, but let's all keep our fingers crossed.