Friday, October 2, 2009

Almost 30 weeks. Chugging along nicely!!

So I'll be 30 weeks come Sunday. I am so excited. That is 3/4 of the way through. Actually a little more than that because I'll have a scheduled cesarean at about 39 weeks. So not too much longer now. Of course it feels like forever away, but I'm sure it won't be too much longer. I went yesterday and had some 3d pics of Ms.Olivia. They were beautiful. It's hard to say exactly who she is gonna look like. Avi looks a lot like Kollin, but I think Olivia is going to look a lot like Hunter. At the same time though. Olivia's face looks a lot like Avi's newborn pics as well. I guess we'll have to wait and see when she comes out and starts to really come into her features. One thing I know is that she is going to be beautiful no matter what. I'm not a proud Mama am I? I seem to be doing better with my funk I've been in. I'm not doing very much around the house, which probably puts everybody else into a funk, but I'm feeling a fair bit better on most days. I think a lot of the stress has been due to the babysitting I've been doing. I was dealing with a lot of children and it was really, really, really stressful. I haven't had anybody but my own children for the past few weeks because of various reasons and my mood has greatly improved. I think it has just been too hard being pregnant and trying to deal with so many little ones. I truly believe though that it has prepared me to deal with having so many of my own little ones. As a matter of fact I kind of think that when Olivia gets here it will be fairly easy after dealing with so many more. I'll be completely done with the babysitting at the end of the month. I don't plan on going back to it. I still don't know what I'll be doing job wise because I don't know what shift Derek will be working. If he works days, then I will probably just continue to stay home. Daycare would just simply make it silly to go out and get a job on days, and I WILL NOT work nights while I have kids in school. I'm not going to miss out on their lives. If he goes back to days then after a few months at home with Olivia I may try to find another job. Who knows what is in store for us. Only God knows. I really believe that with four children to raise that my place is at home, but like I said, I really have no idea right now what will happen. It depends on whether or not we are surviving. Well anyways I guess I've rambled enough. Hope everyone has a great day!!

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  1. Hi Penny! Thanks for all of your comments on my blog! ( At least I know ONE person is reading!
    Well...I can't solve the whole job thing, but I can help with the stains in the carpet! I have a little secret recipe! Take a bowl with hot water, add about 1/8 cup of ammonia, 1/2 to 3/4 cup of white viniger, and then drop 4-5 drops of dish soap in there! IT WORKS EVERY TIME!!!! The only thing that challenged it was red lipstick! In fact, Faith threw up COKE on the carpet this am and my magic juice took it right out! Email me if you have any questions!